Two missions of the Messiah

What’s the role of the Messiah? What’s he going to do according to Moses Maimonides, the rambam writing in the 12th century, he laid out some of the key things that the Messiah Son of David would do. He would turn the hearts of the Jewish people towards the Torah, he would regather the exiles, he would rebuild the temple, he would fight the wars of the Lord, he would ultimately establish God’s kingdom on the earth. Now I agree that the Messiah will do those things. The question is: Is that all that the Messiah will do? What I’m going to present to you tonight is that Maimonides saw the second half of the mission but missed the first half of the mission. The only way a President can serve the second term of his presidency is if he first serves the first term. The only way a team can play the second game or a second half of a game is if they first play the first half. I will show you that Jesus Yeshua must be our Messiah. He’s the only one who can do the second part because he alone did the first part well.