MATTHEW 15 24 Explained | Was Jesus Sent Only To The Jews

Have you heard somebody quote Matthew 15:24  which says “But he answered and said ‘I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of  Israel’” and then basically turn around and say this: Jesus was only sent to  save the Jews, the house of Israel. I’m going to   show you next how this is actually not true. You may hear this from Muslims as   well and the reason the Muslims will say this because   they don’t want Jesus to be the last  significant prophet or person sent to basically   gather people back to God so that they can  smuggle in their prophet and actually make it seem like there was another prophet that  was actually to come after.

We’re going to read the gospel account according to Mark. Mark’s gospel account documents  a very key line which I think is very significant   in regards to shattering and dismantling this  false claim by these two particular groups. When you go through  Mark’s gospel account, you can see that it’s the same event, it’s the same woman  who is coming to Jesus asking   for healing for her daughter in regards to  casting out a devil. The important   thing in regards to Mark’s Gospel Account  is he says something really significant. The scripture talks about from Mark’s view that  she was a Greek she was a gentile. She was   not a Jew, she was not a half-Jew or some  Jew who had basically been cast out, she was  categorized clearly as a gentile. This will  be significant as we pick it up later on.  Mark does not document the line that Matthew  documented about Jesus saying he’s sent to the   house of Israel but Mark adds in something really  interesting in his gospel account, which is really   significant. What does he say? When the woman is  requesting healing for her daughter,   in Matthew’s gospel account, Matthew wrote and  attested to Jesus saying “Do not give the bread to   the dogs.” But Mark gives us additional  context. Jesus said unto her “Let the children   first be filled for it is not meet to take the  children’s bread and to cast onto the dogs.”  If  Jesus is saying “let the children first be filled”,   that means after the children are filled, who  would be filled next? If the children are filled, the gentiles (she was a Greek) can then be filled. That means that Jesus not only came for  the Jews for salvation but also for the gentiles   for salvation. In the context of what Jesus  is saying, the filling of food here is Jesus’ message. This is a Greek woman coming  to Jesus saying I need some bread. Jesus  doesn’t say “No, you can’t have the bread”. He says “Let the children, the Israelites first have the  bread and then there will be bread made available for   the gentiles. This alone shatters the claim  by the Hebrew Israelites and also by the Muslims. Because when you read multiple accounts   to get the full context.