Faith alone does not save, good deeds is necessary for salvation

Roughly 75% of the forever commandments given to Israel, these are for all generations. Roughly 75% of the Jews cannot keep without living in the land with sovereignty and a functioning temple and priesthood. Either God has left us unable to keep the vast majority of the forever commandments or he has given us a better way. 

What’s also fascinating is that in Deuteronomy, twice we’re told don’t add, don’t take away. And the vast majority of what an orthodox Jew today does is not found in the written Torah at all. There are editions and some of the additions change the meaning of what’s written. In fact there are some rabbinic traditions that take a verse in Torah and turn it upside down, cut it in half, turn it upside down, so it now means the opposite of what it said. So there is no one in this room that is keeping the Torah as it was given to Moses. Either God has provided help for us so that we have atonement – and yes we seek to obey him – or we are all condemned, one way or the other.